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EV: Oct 24-Nov 4

Cassy Garcia was born and raised in South Texas. She will fight for South Texas families to lower the cost of living and secure the border to end the humanitarian crisis.

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  • Cassy Garcia has a plan to fight for south Texas jobs and combat inflation to bring down the cost of living.
  • Cassy Garcia was born and raised in South Texas and understands the needs of all Texans.
  • In Congress, Cassy Garcia will fight Nancy Pelosi. Garcia will be a leader from day one in blocking policies from the radical left. Policies that have resulted in historic highs in inflation and an unchecked border crisis.
  • Cassy Garcia believes that all children deserve a quality education regardless of their zip code and station in life. She believes that education dollars should follow the child and not the system that keeps poor children in underperforming schools.
  • Cassy Garcia opposes the open and unsafe border policy of the Biden-Pelosi Administration. Cassy will be a leader in congress to secure our southern border. She will fight to empower local border enforcement officials and was endorsed by the Border Patrol Union.

Casandra “Cassy” Garcia most recently served as U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s Deputy State Director and was appointed by President Donald J Trump in July of 2020 to serve as Commissioner for the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Prior to joining Sen. Cruz’s office in 2013, Cassy served as regional field representative for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture serving as a liaison to agriculture, business and economic development organizations, at local, state and federal levels of government. She received a bachelor’s degree in communications and masters degree in public administration from the University of Texas – Pan American now known as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Cassy is a native of Edinburg, Texas. Cassy is engaged to a border patrol agent and has received the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council.