Aug 5, 2022
National News


Fox News: Democrat promises more taxes if the party stays in power: report

MSNBC: After supporting Democrats by a 38-point margin in 2016, “Hispanics are now voting Democrat by just 13 points.”

“This is the average of ever poll we’ve taken out there over the last 3 months that looks at the Hispanic vote, if you put them all together, Hispanic voters are now voting democratic by just 13 points. So from 38 to 21 now down in the 2022 midterm election to a democratic advantage of 13 points.” (0:25-0:46)

CNN: Biden underwater on key issues

“Biden is underwater on the economy—significantly so—underwater on gas prices, underwater on inflation, underwater on abortion, underwater on crime.”

Border Crisis 

KOLD News 13: Arizona Border Rancher John Ladd on the Border Crisis 

“[Arizona Border Rancher John] Ladd says over the last 30 years Border Patrol has apprehended half a million people on his land and traffic is picking up.”  

“Border Patrol apprehensions in the Tucson section have increased more than 40% from last fiscal year.”

From Ladd: “This is the worst it’s been – they’re catching a hundred a day.” 

Fox 7 Austin: “Record Number Of [Border] Crossings Continues” With Record High “Terrorist Sightings

“At the US-Mexico Border the record number of crossings continue. From Customs and Borders Protection reveals there were more than 207,000 encounters at the border in the month of June. It also shows a record setting number of terrorist sightings, an increased number of unaccompanied children and illegal drugs.” (0:01-0:18) 

“This is the fourth straight month where the report showed there were over 200,000 encounters.” (0:25-0:29) 

Bill Melugin (Fox News): One of the largest single groups witnessed cross illegally at the border. 

“BREAKING: One of the most massive single groups we have ever witnessed cross illegally at the border is crossing into Eagle Pass, TX right now. The line of people went so far into the trees it’s hard to get a count. Hundreds upon hundreds. Coyotes guiding them in water.” 

Fox Business (Mornings with Maria): National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd tells Maria the Biden administration’s plans to fill in some gaps in the border wall is “all smoke and mirrors.”

“So there’s a lot of people who are stepping up and saying this is wrong but the Biden Admin. is doing nothing about it, they’re just throwing everybody to the wolves.” (0:11-0:18)

“You look at what’s going on in Arizona right now and it’s all smoke and mirrors. They’re saying they’re going to fill in the gaps in the wall that doesn’t do anything for asylum seekers that doesn’t stop them.” (1:44-1:53

“This is all about policy and President Biden will not give us policy.” (2:02-2:05)


ABC’s Good Morning America: Bidenflation continues to strain American’s budgets”

“As gas prices strain budgets and groceries are 12% more expensive than last year, consumers are turning to dollar stores.” (0:00-0:08)

CNN: Americans are piling up credit card debt as they struggle to keep up with inflation

“New data shows Americans are piling up credit card debt as they struggle to keep up with inflation.” (0:00-0:05)

“According to new research from the New York Fed. Credit card debt has jumped 13%, for the second quarter compared to the same time a year ago.” (0:15 – 0:22)

Fox News: The Bidenflation Scam would increase inflation and raises taxes on everyone.

“The Inflation Reduction Act would actually increase inflation slightly until 2024.” (0:06-0:12)

“If the goal of this is to cut prices immediately as the name suggests this, isn’t it.” (0:14-0:20)

“$16.7 billion tax increase on Americans earning less than $200,000” (0:28-0:33)

Biden admits Dems are responsible for inflation

Fox News: Democratic Spending Bills Have Caused Inflation

“Inflation is costing the average household $500 a month.” (0:49-0:53) 

“How did we get here? Many economists blame out-of-control government spending along the way.” (1:00-1:07) 

Fox Business: Inflation hits fresh 40-year high in May with consumer prices surging 8.6%

CNBC: Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as consumer pressures intensify

“As I look at this report I don’t see any relief anywhere…I see rent going up, I didn’t see any relief in apparel.”  

CNN: Jake Tapper calls out Biden Administration for misjudging inflation crisis

“The Biden Administration has misjudged how bad inflation was going to get for months and months and months.” (0:46-0:53) 

CNN: Economy has gotten “worse” for Black Americans since Biden took office 

“I think for African American voters in particular there is a special heartbreak – the pain is more intense — The rising gas prices, food prices have really walloped the Black community.” 

Today Show: “No sign of relief” as Bidenflation has 58% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck 

“Americans are paying more for rent, food, clothing and fuel.” 

“For some it is impossible to make ends meet.” 

RNC Research: Joe Biden says it “doesn’t sound like a recession to” him 

CNN: CNN roundtable slams the Biden administration for denying the definition of a recession 

“You can’t fake this!” (0:15-0-16) 

“To your point we get why they’re doing it politically, at the same time, we have these terms for reasons. You don’t have to like it, of course they don’t like it.” (0:43-0:52) 

“Yeah, it’s a problem for them, this adds to the problem, but you don’t get to change the nomenclature in the middle of a campaign because it doesn’t work for you.” (0:59-1:08) 

ABC’s Good Morning America: Americans Struggling With Record Inflation Say “Prices Are So Much Higher Than Ever Before”

“As inflation hits a 41-year high, prices in June soaring 9.1%, higher than a year ago and economists expected. Big increases impacting just about everything from food to rent to energy.” (0:37 – 0:51)

“We’re using a majority of our paychecks just to afford gas.” (0:52-0:55)

“Grocery prices are rising at their fastest pace since 1979, up more than 12%.” (1:04-1:08)

“No matter where I shop, prices are just so much higher than ever before.” (1:09-1:12)

“Bank of American now forecasting the US will fall into a mild recession this year.” (1:45-1:50)

Despite growing wages for workers, economists say they’re losing ground to inflation. Real wages when you adjust for inflation are down 3.6%. That means for most workers, the average workers, they aren’t even treading water, wages are not keeping with price increases.” (1:50-2:09)

Fox Business: At 9.1% year-over-year, new inflation data is “MUCH hotter than expected.”

“1981 is the last time we’ve seen an inflation number this high for CPI.” (0:08-0:16)

Gas Prices

MSNBC: Everything is going up.

“It’s not just gas. Housing is up, the price of clothing is up, gasoline of course. But all of these things are creating a terrifying trifecta of inflation that’s hitting everybody. (0:29-0:41) 

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Gas prices were on the rise before the Russia invaded Ukraine

“Biden has called it a Putin price hike, but most Americans aren’t buying it and the fact is prices were on the rise before Russia invaded Ukraine.” (0:01-0:10) 

WTAE Action 4 News: Higher gas prices forcing many to make tough choices

“High gas prices have us making some tough choices that we didn’t expect. We found out it’s a domino effect that’s even affecting businesses.” (0:38-0:48)