Aug 5, 2022
National News


Fox News: Democrat promises more taxes if the party stays in power: report

MSNBC: After supporting Democrats by a 38-point margin in 2016, “Hispanics are now voting Democrat by just 13 points.”

“This is the average of ever poll we’ve taken out there over the last 3 months that looks at the Hispanic vote, if you put them all together, Hispanic voters are now voting democratic by just 13 points. So from 38 to 21 now down in the 2022 midterm election to a democratic advantage of 13 points.” (0:25-0:46)

CNN: Biden underwater on key issues

“Biden is underwater on the economy—significantly so—underwater on gas prices, underwater on inflation, underwater on abortion, underwater on crime.”


Fox News: The average 401k plan is “down about $34,000—more than 25% in less than one year.” 


Biden: “Our economy is strong as hell.” 

Fox News anchor: “Since Biden took office, monthly savings have collapsed falling 83%. The average 401(k) plan had over $135,000 at the start of the year. Today those assets have shrunk on average to about $101,000. In other words, the average 401(k) plan is down about $34,000 – more than 25%in less than one year.” (0:00-0:30) 

ABC’s Good Morning America: Wages are not keeping up with inflation as the cost of everything from food to housing skyrockets 


“You can’t walk through a supermarket without seeing these price increases. The overall price increases are up 8.2% in September from a year ago. That’s not up with wages which are up 5%, meaning those paychecks aren’t covering the major price increases and we’re seeing these big jumps in prices in areas like rents, medical care, daycare and, of course, food. So, take a look at the grocery store. In every aisle you see dairy products and coffee up almost 16%, chicken up more than 17%…a carton of eggs up 37% from where it was a year ago…mortgage rates are near 20-year highs, that means buying a house is hard to do, out of reach for a lot of Americans.” (0:00-1:02)  

NewsNation with Leland Vittert: Since Biden took office, American families are losing 


“The average American family lost $6,000 in purchasing power due to inflation. Monthly savings have collapsed 83%. The average 401(k) is down $34,000.” 

Fox News: Americans face a “tapestry of turmoil” this winter as energy and gas prices soar under Biden 

“We’re going to be talking about home heating costs on the rise. And we’re not just talking about a little here, too, it’s going to really hit U.S. households. In fact, they’re set to pay about $931 on heating this winter. That’s up about $206 from just last year, according to the Energy Information Administration. If you’re already struggling with soaring costs in your family’s budget, you get to add this to the pile.” (0:00-0:27) 

MSNBC: The top two issues for Americans in the midterms are jobs/economy and inflation 

“When you look at our most recent NBC poll and you ask folks what is the single most important issue that is going to drive your vote in this midterm election? A combined 34% said either jobs and the economy or inflation. If you combine those two that is the biggest single number you’re going to get. On that question, Republicans have a nearly 30-point advantage over the Democrats. 8% in our most recent poll cite abortion as their number one issue in the midterm election.” (0:00-0:31) 

CNN: Disappointing new inflations numbers 

“Disappointing new inflation numbers as the country looks to fight off rising prices. A new report shows consumer prices rose 0.4% last month and 8.2% year over year. The increase was considerably higher than anticipated. Markets are already responding to the news, already down hundreds of points.” (0:00-0:19) 

CNN: Workers are losing due to rising costs 

“Even though it’s so-called a ‘great time for workers,’ they are losing value every time they go to the store, and their purchasing power is falling. Some little-known statistics that I think is really worth bringing up Real wages, adjusted for inflation, the average worker in America has lost 9% over the course of the last two years. That’s not a good time to be a worker.” (0:00-0:20) 

CNN: Inflation is top issue for voters, not January 6  

“What is the top issue at this point and who is trusted on that? The top issue for Americans is not the January 6th hearings. It is not Donald Trump. It’s inflation according to 33% of Americans, THAT is the top issue. And who is trusted more on the issue of inflation? The margin right here is absolutely huge. Republicans are trusted over Democrats by 19 points and that is why Republicans still lead on the Congressional Generic ballot.”  


CBS News: Math and reading test scores drop post-pandemic amid Democrat-sponsored lockdowns

“A new assessment finds math and reading scores have dropped to record lows. The National Center for Education Statistics administered exams in early 2020 and then again in early 2022. The average test score fell an average of 5 points, while the average scores for math fell by 7 points. The organization said it’s the largest drop in reading since 1990 and the first ever decline in math.” (0:00-0:27)

NBC’s Today Show: Parents and Teachers are squeezed by soaring back-to-school prices

“Kids are returning back to classrooms nationwide and the cost of supplies is soaring.” (0:02-0:07)

“According to, teachers spend an average of $750 of their own money last year on materials, the highest amount ever…The cost of pencils are up 40%, a reem of paper up 60%” (0:10-0:28)

Fox News: Pre-K students will be required to mask all year long in Philadelphia schools

“Kids will have to mask up for at least the first 10 days, while kids in Pre-K…have to stay masked all year long in Philadelphia.” (0:08-0:19)

Local FOX2: Californians are furious as their kids are forced to walk by “needles on the street” and people “shooting up” as they head to school.

(talking about an encampment outside elementary school) “Naomi Fox, also fed up she lives on the block, her son a first grader at Marshal Elementary. ‘It’s a huge public safety concern…I’m definitely concerned about drug use around here, I see it everyday, I live here. Every time I walk by encampments, I see needles on the street, I’ve seen people, in daylight, shooting up as I walk by.’”  (0:41- 1:06)

Inflation Reduction Act

NBC: 71% Of Americans Think The Biden Tax Hikes Will Make Things Worse Or Not Make A Difference

“People are skeptical that this thing is actually going to help them…36% thought it would not make a difference, 35% thought the bill would make things worse for me, 26% thought it would make things better for me.” (0:00-0:14)

CNN’s State of the Union: Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t help those who need it

“When you’re talking about a tax credit on solar panels, electric vehicles, energy efficient appliances and windows — people who are spending money on those things aren’t the ones who are living paycheck-to-paycheck and inflation is hitting the most.” (0:01-0:18)

White House Press Secretary – Press Conference: No new audits under the Inflation Reduction Act 

“So, no new audits on anyone making under $400,000 a year?” “No. Very clear. No.”  

C-SPAN2: Bernie Sanders admitting there is no inflation relief in the Inflation Reduction Act 

“And I say so-called by the way because according to the CBO and other economic organizations that have studied this bill it will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation.” (0:11-0:24) 

PBS News Hour: Kamala Harris promising to not raise taxes on those making $400,000 


ABC’s Good Morning America: Americans face a rise in catalytic converter thefts with brazen thieves targeting cars across the U.S. 

“Catalytic converter can be sold for $1,500 or more and the parts within made of precious metals like platinum and rhodium. Across the country brazen thieves, caught on camera, going after the pricey item. In one incident, 2 thieves jumped out of a van in broad daylight. A neighbor recording, chased away with a blow torch. In Thousands Oaks, California, a police chase over converter theft turned into an officer involved shooting.” (0:00-0:30) 

CNN: In New York City, 16 people getting shot, 5 fatally, over the weekend

“16 people were shot, at least 5 fatally, across 13 shootings, Friday through Sunday. The NYPD has just given us this update this morning. So, guys just a horrific weekend here across the board.” (0:04-0:16)

NBC10 Philadelphia: Four separate crime-scenes in the span of an hour in Philadelphia

“Evidence markers blanketed four separate crime scenes across the city in the span of an hour.” (0:00-0:05)

“The violence only escalated. Just before 5, four men were shot while they were enjoying the weather…investigators say a man walked up and started firing a barrage of bullets, striking all four and fatally injuring a 55-year-old.” (1:10-1:26)

ABC7 New York: New Yorker fed up with Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies

“I hold the politicians are the one that [are] responsible for it. They should be held accountable for what’s happening in this city—from the bail reform to the petty crimes.” (0:00-0:09)

“Mohammad Ali is friend of 48-year-old, officer Mohammad Chowtery who can be seen here ambushed and tossed to the ground. He was jogging on Homestead Ave. when it happened just blocks from home. The assailants struck him repeatedly in his head before stealing his phone, car keys and wallet. His nephew said his uncle was safer for 18 years on duty than he was off duty.” (0:09-0:30)

Tucker Carlson: Law and order is missing on our cities streets and southern border.

(In Philadelphia) “Nearly 100 shots fired…a sea of evidence markers line this West Philly street telling of the potentially deadly chaos that unfolded here. Responding officers found 4 victims on 57th street. Two shot in the head in critical condition tonight. One victim were told, in a BMW, is an innocent bystander, caught in gun fire and shot in the shoulder. All while kids and young adults were on a nearby playground. (Back to Tucker) Over a hundred shots right in the middle of the street — it’s hard to believe that’s an American city.” (3:44-4:17)

“It wasn’t organic, it didn’t just happen, this is a result of policies from the Democratic party – period.” (4:23-4:29)

“That’s more important than everything else going on, law and order, you see it on the streets of our cities, and you see it at our southern border, that’s collapsed.” (12:15-12:24)

“How can you take the country seriously when it doesn’t even have a border and it doesn’t because on video, we see every single day people stream in.” (12:47-12:57)

Border Crisis 

Fox News America’s Newsroom: Biden’s border surge continues  

“That stunning drone footage you mentioned off the top really highlights the fact that these cartels are operating literally on our doorstep, here at the U.S. Southern border…this was recovered by Texas DPS cartel drone that shows a recent gun battle between the Gulf cartel and the Northeast cartel as they fire at each other with .50 caliber machine guns…this happened directly across the river from Roma, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. This is a very popular and important drug smuggling corridor that these cartels are fighting over. It’s also the exact area we’ve witnessed Texas National Guard and Border patrol shot at from across the river. And the exact same area, last October, where we’ve personally witnessed a cartel machine gun fired into the U.S. The cartel activity right there on the U.S. doorstep.  (0:08-1:03) 

“And taking here from where we are, early this morning in the Rio Grande Valley. It has been storming all day long…But that does not slow down the illegal crossings. In the heavy downpour, this is about a group of 100 that came across illegally this morning. And it just goes to show the job never stops nor slows down for these border patrol agents…Starting off the new fiscal year, exactly where last year picked off, record numbers continuing. Border Patrol reporting they saw nearly 10,000 illegal crossings, as well as more than 3,300 got-aways. Stunning numbers for one week in one sector.” (1:36-2:20) 

The Point with Marcia KramerSean Patrick Maloney on the Border 

Reporter: “Should more be done at the border to close it down?” 

SPM: “Look the situation at the border is one where, because of the pandemic you’ve had essentially a closed border under Title 42. That has created an enormous backlog of people who would normally be able to claim asylum.” (0:00-0:16) 

Fox News: An Eagle Pass, Texas resident blasts border czar Kamala Harris 

“Well, she would see what I see, and I do not believe that the border is secure. I would love for her to define what a secure border looks like.” (0:00-00:10) 

CNN: Deadly rainbow fentanyl — 50 times more potent than heroin — is flooding US cities as synthetic opioid deaths jump 80% in 2 years 

“The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is warning Americans about the emerging trend in the opioid epidemic and that is rainbow fentanyl. These brightly colored pills and powders look similar to candy, even sidewalk chalk.” (0:00-0:14) 

“Authorities are raising awareness around this. They have seized rainbow fentanyl in 18 states, this was reported just last month.” (0:35-0:45) 

“But what is concerning to drug authorities is that the rainbow colors could be appealing to young children if someone in the home has these products…the rainbow colors, some experts say, could be a way to differentiate between different batches of the substance that’s why we could see more of these colors emerging.” (1:07-1:32) 

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Democrats are talking about the #BidenBorderCrisis 

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: “Is there a sense that there is a strategy from the administration on [the border crisis]?” 

The Washington Post’s Marianna Sotomayor: “Not as of right now. It seems like they’re trying to control it but there is no conversation or strategy on Capital Hill. This was developing, of course, we talk about fly-out days, both the House and the Senate going out of town for the weekend. It might be a topic of conversation this week, however, it is right around the midterms, and no one wants to talk about this except for Republicans.” (0:00-0:26) 

CBS: Illegal immigrant encounters are “above 2 million this year 

“There is a serious situation unfolding at the border and the number of apprehensions is above two million for the very first time. We have already set a record and are on track to shatter the annual records.” (0:00-0:16) 

MSNBC: “U.S. drug overdose deaths reached an all-time high in 2021”

“Today marks National Overdose Awareness Day and according to the CDC U.S. drug overdose deaths reached an all-time high in 2021 – killing more than 107,000 people…since 2013 law enforcement has reached a stunning rise for people who test positive for fentanyl…” (0:00-0:24)

“One special FBI agent from San Diego described it this way saying, quote, ‘there is no doubt we are in the middle of a fentanyl crisis at the hands of criminal enterprises, transcending out borders into the communities where we live.’” (0:30-0:46)

Fox News: Massive groups continue to cross the Border.

“This weekend, one of the busiest we’ve seen in recent memory. Just in the last 24 hours, more than 2,000 illegal crossings in the Del Rio sector.” (0:04-0:12)

“This was early yesterday morning, a single, even bigger group of approx. 300, who care across at the same time. Once again almost all of them single adults from all around the world – South America, Africa, some from Asia as well. As you’ll see in the video, many of them are well dressed, they’ve got smart phones with them, their listening with air pods as they’re waiting for Border Patrol.  


“Again, here in the Eagle Pass area, once again, I know I sound like a broken record, predominantly single adults. It is no longer hose mass family units. Just since October, in the Del Rio sector, there have been 401,000 illegal crossings.” (1:19-1:33)

Bill Melugin Coverage: TX National Guard locked border gate, Border Patrol unlocked and let migrants in

*Thread includes video unlocking gate

Fox News: Multiple examples of border crosses across the country

“Right after sunrise, this is another group of about 200 that crossed illegally all at the same time. As you mentioned it is predominantly all single adults, adult men. Most of them from Venezuela and Cuba – those countries are not subject to Title 42 right now. Which means all the people you see in this video right now will be released into the United States, they will not be expelled back to Mexico. (0:38-1:03)

“The border crisis doesn’t stay here in Texas, it is all over the country and it is not slowing down.” (2:23-2:30)

*Video details specific examples of illegal crossings across Texas, Tucson and Miami.

Fox News: CBP seized over 1 million fentanyl pills in a single week. 

“Nogales, AZ, Bill, that has quickly become the fentanyl hot spot as you’ve mentioned. CBP agents at the port of entry there, have seized 1 million fentanyl pills in a single one week span.” (0:05-0:17) 

“Bringing it elsewhere are the border where we are in Eagle Pass, over the weekend, enormous numbers of migrants continue crossing illegally here day in and day out. They’ve been averaging 1,500 people every single day.” (1:30-1:44) 

KOLD News 13: Arizona Border Rancher John Ladd on the Border Crisis 

“[Arizona Border Rancher John] Ladd says over the last 30 years Border Patrol has apprehended half a million people on his land and traffic is picking up.”  

“Border Patrol apprehensions in the Tucson section have increased more than 40% from last fiscal year.”

From Ladd: “This is the worst it’s been – they’re catching a hundred a day.” 

Fox 7 Austin: “Record Number Of [Border] Crossings Continues” With Record High “Terrorist Sightings

“At the US-Mexico Border the record number of crossings continue. From Customs and Borders Protection reveals there were more than 207,000 encounters at the border in the month of June. It also shows a record setting number of terrorist sightings, an increased number of unaccompanied children and illegal drugs.” (0:01-0:18) 

“This is the fourth straight month where the report showed there were over 200,000 encounters.” (0:25-0:29) 

Bill Melugin (Fox News): One of the largest single groups witnessed cross illegally at the border. 

“BREAKING: One of the most massive single groups we have ever witnessed cross illegally at the border is crossing into Eagle Pass, TX right now. The line of people went so far into the trees it’s hard to get a count. Hundreds upon hundreds. Coyotes guiding them in water.” 

Fox Business (Mornings with Maria): National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd tells Maria the Biden administration’s plans to fill in some gaps in the border wall is “all smoke and mirrors.”

“So there’s a lot of people who are stepping up and saying this is wrong but the Biden Admin. is doing nothing about it, they’re just throwing everybody to the wolves.” (0:11-0:18)

“You look at what’s going on in Arizona right now and it’s all smoke and mirrors. They’re saying they’re going to fill in the gaps in the wall that doesn’t do anything for asylum seekers that doesn’t stop them.” (1:44-1:53

“This is all about policy and President Biden will not give us policy.” (2:02-2:05)


ABC’s Good Morning America: The scariest villain this Halloween: Inflation 

“Reporter: The price of this year’s pumpkins is squashing last year’s. As the holiday gets hit by the scariest villain around: inflation…It comes as farm owners face rising costs across the country, from Texas to Maryland.  

Interviewee: The price of fuel has affected everything. The fertilizer for his pumpkins has been unbelievable. It seems that everything has gone up. Of course, parents see that in the grocery store, so it’s affecting us as well.” 

WDIV Local 4“JUST RIDICULOUS”: A Michigan woman says she is fed up with #Bidenflation driving up the price of groceries 

“Tonight, we’re taking you grocery shopping. We’re in a Kroger in Grosse Pointe this evening. The store itself – it’s busy but you may notice inside this store and your local grocery store that some of the store shelves may be bare. There’s a reason why food items are now in short supply. Food items that could be difficult to get this fall and winter are corn, baby formula, ketchup, beer, popcorn, bread, turkey, mustard. Not only that but food prices continue to rise…food prices up 12% from September last year.” (0:00-0:47) 

CNN: America’s seniors are struggling in Biden’s economy 

“One segment of the U.S. population that is a significant driver of the economy, America’s seniors. They’re having a tough time as well and that isn’t being talked about enough. Many senior citizens are on fixed incomes and analysts say they are really struggling with rising interest rates, as well as the rising prices of gas, food and utilities.  

60 Minutes: Biden arguing inflation isn’t bad — “up an inch” 

60 Min: “Mr. President, as you know, last Tuesday the annual inflation rate came in at 8.3%, the stock market nose-dived, people are shocked by their grocery bills – what can you do better and faster?” 

Biden: “Well, first of all, let’s put this in perspective – inflation rate month to month was just up an inch, hardly at all.”  

60 Min: “You’re not arguing 8.3% is good news?” 

Biden: “No, I’m not saying that, but it was 8.2 before. You’re acting like all of a sudden ‘my God it went to 8.2%.” 

60 Min: “It’s the highest inflation rate in 40 years.” 


CNN: Inflation will continue to hurt households and businesses 

“We can all agree we’d like to be optimistic about the reality about the economy. We’ve got inflation sitting at 40-year highs. We’re paying more for just about everything…consumers are scraping by.. you’ve got the fed raising interest rates with the federal reserve chair himself saying it’s going to cause pain to households & businesses.” (0:07-0:37) 

CNN: Home payments go up as mortgage rates double 

“If you’re looking for a home, your monthly payment will be much higher than what it was, earlier this year. Mortgage rates have popped, doubled, since earlier this year. If you have credit card balance you have to pay off, it’s going to take you longer to pay back because you are paying more in interest. So it’s is something to think about. We got new data today and part of the reason home sales are down 20% from a year ago. 

CBS Mornings: “Line Of Desperation”: More Americans Are Relying On Food Banks As Bidenflation Strains Budgets

“This looks like what we say a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it’s worse than a couple of years ago. We are serving a higher levels than we were at the peaked of the pandemic.” (0:09:-0:17)

“And it’s just the basics, flour, sugar, eggs, milk. We don’t buy cookies, cakes, we don’t have that luxury anymore.”  (0:28-0:37)

“As inflation has grown so has need. One in six Americans relied on food banks last year. That’s 53 million people compared to 40 million pre-pandemic.” (0:38-0:53)

ABC 23: Surging Cost Of Supplies Hurting Small Businesses & Breweries As Beer Prices Are Up 5% This Year

“It’s been a rough couple of years for the craft brewing industry, just like any of us when we go to the supermarket, they’ve been dealing with the same inflationary pressures plus shortages just on a much bigger scale…the price of aluminum cans are up 20% in a year, malt up 30% or more, shipping costs up 50% and labor up 20%. (0:25-0:56)

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Minority Households Facing “Serious Financial Problems” In Biden’s Economy

“Another survey by NPR, Harvard University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 48% of Latino households are facing serious financial problems due to price increase, as a result of inflation.” (0:00-0:16)

Today Show: Supply chain issues and car prices are hurting consumers

“Lingering supply chain slowdowns are thinning out car lots and leaving prospective buyers empty handed. We’re seeing problems with of course microchips but also tires, the paint, it’s the seats, it’s the wiring harnesses, the list goes on and on.”   (0:12-0:18)

CNN’s Chris Wallace: Biden Student Loan Bailout Doesn’t Deliver For Working Class Americans

“If you’re a working-class person that never went to college, you not going to get any of this $300 billion it’s going to cost the government. There’s all the concern about inflation. Larry Summers, who’s probably been more accurate at projecting inflation than anybody else, said look these people are were going to be paying of their students loans, that’s more money in their pocket, they’re going to go out and spend – that raises demand, that raises prices, that raises inflation which may well be the number one concern, certainly the #1 economic concern of most Americans according to the polls, so it didn’t deliver for them.” (0:00-0:34)   

CNBC: Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan may cost taxpayers an average of $2,000, some policy experts say

“About 43 million Americans will get some sort of relief from this while 20 million of those borrowers will have their debt canceled. This comes at a time when the economy is suffering from record high inflation.” (0:44-0:54)

“This plan is already controversial with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy saying it’ll be paid for by hard-working Americans who already paid off their debts or never took out loans…30% of respondents said no one should have their loans canceled…Minority Leader McCarthy making the point that this has got to be paid for somewhere. He said this will come from people who have already paid their loans or didn’t have any. Do we know the approx. cost of how much this will cost? Well, we do have some reports where it’ll cost over $300 billion over 10 years.” (1:12-2:00)

NBC Palm Springs: Americans pay more for tailgating due to Bidenflation

“According to a new report, the prices of a number of tailgating essentials have gone up because of inflation.” (0:10-0:15)

“With airfares up 28% since last year, beer up nearly 5% since last July and groceries – 13% higher.”


Bloomberg: Food Prices continue to soar. 

“Food prices soaring, climbing 10.9% from a year earlier, biggest increase since 1979. Essentials, like cereal, dairy products, posting record year-over-year rises.” 

MSNBC: Americans “poorer” due to inflation 

“If you’re not of economic means, it’s hard to get out of the hole, you are probably getting poorer because of inflation…everything is more expensive” 

ABC’s Good Morning America: Bidenflation continues to strain American’s budgets”

“As gas prices strain budgets and groceries are 12% more expensive than last year, consumers are turning to dollar stores.” (0:00-0:08)

CNN: Americans are piling up credit card debt as they struggle to keep up with inflation

“New data shows Americans are piling up credit card debt as they struggle to keep up with inflation.” (0:00-0:05)

“According to new research from the New York Fed. Credit card debt has jumped 13%, for the second quarter compared to the same time a year ago.” (0:15 – 0:22)

Fox News: The Bidenflation Scam would increase inflation and raises taxes on everyone.

“The Inflation Reduction Act would actually increase inflation slightly until 2024.” (0:06-0:12)

“If the goal of this is to cut prices immediately as the name suggests this, isn’t it.” (0:14-0:20)

“$16.7 billion tax increase on Americans earning less than $200,000” (0:28-0:33)

Biden admits Dems are responsible for inflation

Fox News: Democratic Spending Bills Have Caused Inflation

“Inflation is costing the average household $500 a month.” (0:49-0:53) 

“How did we get here? Many economists blame out-of-control government spending along the way.” (1:00-1:07) 

Fox Business: Inflation hits fresh 40-year high in May with consumer prices surging 8.6%

CNBC: Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as consumer pressures intensify

“As I look at this report I don’t see any relief anywhere…I see rent going up, I didn’t see any relief in apparel.”  

CNN: Jake Tapper calls out Biden Administration for misjudging inflation crisis

“The Biden Administration has misjudged how bad inflation was going to get for months and months and months.” (0:46-0:53) 

CNN: Economy has gotten “worse” for Black Americans since Biden took office 

“I think for African American voters in particular there is a special heartbreak – the pain is more intense — The rising gas prices, food prices have really walloped the Black community.” 

Today Show: “No sign of relief” as Bidenflation has 58% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck 

“Americans are paying more for rent, food, clothing and fuel.” 

“For some it is impossible to make ends meet.” 

RNC Research: Joe Biden says it “doesn’t sound like a recession to” him 

CNN: CNN roundtable slams the Biden administration for denying the definition of a recession 

“You can’t fake this!” (0:15-0-16) 

“To your point we get why they’re doing it politically, at the same time, we have these terms for reasons. You don’t have to like it, of course they don’t like it.” (0:43-0:52) 

“Yeah, it’s a problem for them, this adds to the problem, but you don’t get to change the nomenclature in the middle of a campaign because it doesn’t work for you.” (0:59-1:08) 

ABC’s Good Morning America: Americans Struggling With Record Inflation Say “Prices Are So Much Higher Than Ever Before”

“As inflation hits a 41-year high, prices in June soaring 9.1%, higher than a year ago and economists expected. Big increases impacting just about everything from food to rent to energy.” (0:37 – 0:51)

“We’re using a majority of our paychecks just to afford gas.” (0:52-0:55)

“Grocery prices are rising at their fastest pace since 1979, up more than 12%.” (1:04-1:08)

“No matter where I shop, prices are just so much higher than ever before.” (1:09-1:12)

“Bank of American now forecasting the US will fall into a mild recession this year.” (1:45-1:50)

Despite growing wages for workers, economists say they’re losing ground to inflation. Real wages when you adjust for inflation are down 3.6%. That means for most workers, the average workers, they aren’t even treading water, wages are not keeping with price increases.” (1:50-2:09)

Fox Business: At 9.1% year-over-year, new inflation data is “MUCH hotter than expected.”

“1981 is the last time we’ve seen an inflation number this high for CPI.” (0:08-0:16)

Gas Prices

12News KBMT & KJAC: Texans say they are “really hurting” as gas prices remain WAY higher than last year

“Elizabeth Baxter was heading home to Houston after visiting family in Alabama. She says while gas prices are lower than they’ve been she isn’t ready to call the prices at the pump cheap. ‘I think they are playing with our psychology. They raise it up so high and then they bring it down some, for everybody to think the gas is getting cheaper and it’s not, it’s still not cheap, it’s still ridiculous.’” (0:12-0:36)

“Trevor Rhymer is in the same boat; he’s still shoveling out cash to fill up his diesel truck to get to work. ‘It’s about a $110 to fill it every two days, that’s still around $5 a gallon.’”  (0:37-0:52)

MSNBC: Everything is going up.

“It’s not just gas. Housing is up, the price of clothing is up, gasoline of course. But all of these things are creating a terrifying trifecta of inflation that’s hitting everybody. (0:29-0:41) 

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Gas prices were on the rise before the Russia invaded Ukraine

“Biden has called it a Putin price hike, but most Americans aren’t buying it and the fact is prices were on the rise before Russia invaded Ukraine.” (0:01-0:10) 

WTAE Action 4 News: Higher gas prices forcing many to make tough choices

“High gas prices have us making some tough choices that we didn’t expect. We found out it’s a domino effect that’s even affecting businesses.” (0:38-0:48) 

Student Loan Forgiveness

CNN’s State of the Union: Paul Begala: For Same Cost As Student Loan Forgiveness, Biden Could Have Funded Free Pre-K For Every 3-4 Year Old

“It’s bad policy as well as bad politics. For that amount of money, you could fund free Pre-K for every 3- and 4-year-old for 10 years. You’d do a lot more good for poor people, communities of color and the underprivileged by doing Pre-K. You could forgive all medical debt, which unlike student debt it is not freely entered into. Democrats, I’m a progressive, we want to help folks, but I think this is terrible policy.” (0:04-0:31)