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Last updated August 11th, 2022 at 8:03pm GMT.

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Bo Hines is a life-long North Carolinian who will fight to lower the cost of living, secure our border to make our communities safe, and stop Joe Biden’s reckless policies.

VIDEO: Bo Hines B-Roll


Bo Hines is a true North Carolinian, he was raised in Charlotte and played football at NC State. He understands the values North Carolinians hold dear and will do everything to fight for them.

Bo Hines understands the struggles everyday Americans are facing with record high inflation and gas prices caused by the Biden Administration. In Congress, he will fight to bring back American energy production to lower costs for our families.

In Congress, Bo Hines will be a check on Biden and the Democrats’ out of control spending that has caused record inflation and made life unaffordable for North Carolina’s families.