Pat Ryan


Last updated September 8th, 2022 at 4:10pm GMT.


Voter Registration Deadline  10/14/22 
Early In-Person Voting  10/29/22 – 11/6/22 
Absentee Voting by Mail  Drop 9/23/22 
AB Request Deadline  10/28/22 online; 11/7/22 in person 
AB Deadline Return  11/8/22 8:00PM  
AB Deadline Return via USPS  11/15/22 w/ 11/8/22 postmark 

Schmitt B Roll

  • Colin Schmitt will stand up to anti-law enforcement politicians and pass legislation fully funding police and repealing cashless bail.
  • Colin Schmitt will fight Biden Administration’s reckless policy that made us dependent on foreign oil and doubled the price of gas.
  • Colin Schmitt will fight to secure our borders and end the dangerous open border policies of the Biden Administration.
  • Colin Schmitt led the effort to re-open schools and get scholastic sports going again after COVID.
  • Colin Schmitt led the fight to stop NYC Dems and the State Legislature from letting illegal immigrants vote.