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Michelle Garcia Holmes is a career law enforcement officer who will fight to lower the cost of living and keep our communities safe.


  • Michelle Garcia Holmes spent her career working to protect children, first as a detective investigating crimes against children and later in the Attorney General’s office to get legislation passed against child predators and human traffickers.
  • Michelle Garcia Holmes knows that crime is out of control in our communities. As a retired policewoman, Garcia Holmes understands what needs to be done, including ending dangerous catch and release policies that put violent criminals right back out on our streets to commit more crime.
  • Michelle Garcia Holmes knows that New Mexicans are struggling with high prices on everything they buy, especially gasoline and food. She will go to Washington to fight against inflation and the wasteful Democrat spending that has driven up the cost of everything and will support New Mexico’s oil and gas industry that can help bring gas prices down.
  • Michelle Garcia Holmes can work with both political parties. She’s running as a Republican, but served as the Chief of Staff for Democrat Attorney General Gary King. She knows we need common sense solutions to get the country back on track.