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Career politician Marcy Kaptur has failed Ohio families for four decades, failing to secure our border and stop the flow of fentanyl into our communities, lower the cost of living, and lowering prescription drug prices. While masquerading as an independent, Kaptur is really a liberal who votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time and even endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Voters will see that Derek Merrin is a fighter who will stand with President Trump in securing our border and fight to lower the cost of living.


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Updated Merrin B-roll

Merrin B-roll

Derek Merrin is a state representative from Lucas County serving his fourth term in the Ohio legislature. Derek has successfully led efforts to cut the state’s income tax, reduce regulations, and expand school choice. He has advocated for policies to reduce healthcare costs, promote price transparency, and ensure better patient access through fewer regulations. Merrin successfully repealed the sales tax on prescription eyewear saving taxpayers $45 million annually (HB116) and repealed the Financial Institution Tax on Small Business Investment Companies (HB 592). He prevailed in his pursuit of the Epinephrine Accessibility Act (HB 101) and the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act (HB 214). He also simplified the process for homeowners to challenge their property value (HB 118).

Merrin successfully sponsored the Anthony Dia Act (HB 760) making it easier for children and spouses of law enforcement and military service members killed in the line of duty to access college tuition waivers. He also won a victory to expand the Forever Buckeye Program (HB 371) to ensure those earning a GED in Ohio had the same access to in-state tuition benefits that other students had when moving back to Ohio. Furthermore, his Theft Victims’ Restitution Act (HB 66) made it easier for victims of theft to recover restitution for accounting costs incurred when determining their financial losses.

  • Derek Merrin’s first priority if elected is to stop the invasion at the southern border that is destroying our country and lowering wages and job opportunities for working Americans.

  • Derek Merrin will always stand up for the working-class citizens of Northwest Ohio. In the state legislature, he fought to lower the tax burden on Ohio families to offset the impacts of record inflation. In Congress, he’ll continue to fight for economic growth and a lower cost of living for all.

  • Derek Merrin opposes radical unnecessary mandates on the auto industry and manufacturing which have caused massive job layoffs, and many plants throughout our region to close.