Laura Gillen


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Long Islanders can’t afford Democrats’ disastrous agenda that’s brought them rising prices on everything from gas to groceries to home heating. Laura Gillen is an extreme partisan who will not hesitate to support Joe Biden’s reckless tax-and-spend policies. Gillen is backed by pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement radicals who support ending cash bail and want to defund the police.

Anthony D’Esposito is a former NYPD detective who will help end cashless bail and put a stop to the reckless spending that’s brought about an inflation crisis and economic recession.

D’Esposito B Roll

  • Anthony D’Esposito believes that now, more than ever, we must restore our energy independence and lower energy costs for hardworking families, using an all-of-the-above strategy that leverages both our natural resources and American innovation to fuel our country and ensure we are never again reliant on hostile countries like Iran, Venezuela and Russia. 
  • Anthony D’Esposito stood up against the deadly cashless bail law adopted by Democrats in Albany, and as a New York City Police Detective, he’s witnessed the havoc that illicit drugs and dangerous crimes can wreak on neighborhoods. That’s why Anthony has made his commitment to public safety the centerpiece of his public service. 
  • Anthony D’Esposito opposes Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending bill that fueled skyrocketing inflation. He understands that in order to help middle class families, make New York more affordable, and fight inflation, we need to cut wasteful spending, lower taxes and stop the corruption in Washington. 
  • As a Hempstead Town Councilman, Anthony D’Esposito cut or froze taxes in each of the last four budgets.