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Juan Ciscomani will fight Joe Biden’s failed policies that created inflation. Juan will work to combat inflation and make taxes low.

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Inflation Coverage

“‘We’re never going to get rid of the car in the driveway, but we can make it a pain to drive,’ said Kirsten Engel, a University of Arizona law professor.” (Andrea Kelly, “Panel Idea: Raise Tax On Gasoline, Index It,”, 4/21/09)


Gas prices appear to be on the rise again in Arizona, and are nearly $5 in Pinal County.

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As a father of six kids, Juan Ciscomani says the reckless spending of the Biden Administration is crushing families in Arizona, with high gas prices, high energy costs, and high grocery bills. He is running to restore economic common sense and stop the policies that are hurting our families.


As a first generation American, Juan’s love of country and patriotism were born out of his upbringing in a working-class family.  His parents instilled in him conservative values, a strong work ethic, and an optimistic can-do attitude. While attending public schools in Tucson, Juan held several jobs and earned scholarships to pay for school. He was the first from his family to achieve a higher education, graduating from Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. Juan’s professional career has centered around our community’s best interests. During his time at the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he fought for lower taxes and the elimination of unnecessary regulations on behalf of small business owners.  As Vice-Chair of the Arizona-Mexico Commission, Juan understands the value and importance of Arizona’s trade and tourism relationship with Mexico. In Congress, Juan will fight for policies that secure our border and enhance trade.

Juan’s family story is the American Dream story. America is the land of opportunity that has provided his family, like for so many others, the freedom to pursue the American Dream. Today’s policies coming out of DC are pushing the American Dream further and further out of reach. We must fight back. Juan and Laura value faith, life and family as the proud parents of six active kids: Zoe, Juan IV, Kenneth, Lily, Lucas and Gloria, who they are raising in Tucson. Juan’s favorite activities include coaching his kids’ flag football teams and also volunteering in his church.