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Last updated September 19th, 2022 at 7:50pm GMT.

Early In-Person Voting October 20th – November 5th
Absentee Voting by Mail September 9th
AB Deadline Return November 11th
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Chris Castelli is a decorated Green Beret, small businessman, and father who will fight in Congress to lower the cost of living for every North Carolinian family.


  • A Christian Castelli’s daughter Sarah has cerebral palsy, and Castelli had to teach her how to walk. Later, Castelli had a major heart attack that left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Sarah helped her father practice walking again and Castelli fully recovered. In Congress, Castelli will fight to expand health insurance coverage for those with disabilities.
  • Christian Castelli served five combat tours in Afghanistan as a Green Beret, putting his life on the line for the United States of America and our freedoms.
  • Christian Castelli started his own successful small business after retiring from the Army, and will bring that experience into Congress to help create jobs, cut taxes, and get rid of regulations that make it harder for small business owners to succeed.
  • Christian Castelli will fight to stop wasteful government spending and halt inflation.