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Voter Registration Deadline   11/1/22’ via mail 
Early In-Person Voting  N/A 
Absentee Voting by Mail  10/7/22’ 
AB Request Deadline  11/1/22’ 
AB Deadline Return  11/8/22’; 8:00PM 

Jahana Hayes will continue to be a rubber stamp for more of the same progressive tax and spend policies that have delivered historic inflation for Connecticut if she is re-elected in November. Despite rising costs, record-high gas prices, a crisis at the southern border, and surging crime all brought about by Democrats’ failed policies, Hayes votes unapologetically with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time in Washington. George Logan will put an end to Democrats’ reckless spending and fight back against their failed progressive agenda that is hurting CT-05. 

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  • George Logan is a family man, engineer, community leader, and a small business owner. 
  • Proof of the American Dream – Son of Guatemalan immigrants, grew up in inner-city New Haven, and is bilingual. He will stand up for CT-05’s lower income and minority communities where their current representative has failed.  
  • Logan graduated from Trinity College in Hartford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent nearly 30 years as an engineer. 
  • Former two-term state senator and was instrumental in helping pass a non-majority party budget in the state legislature, putting a spending and volatility cap in the budget, which has resulted in a multi-billion-dollar rainy day fund.