Jackie Gordon


Last updated October 15th, 2022 at 12:49am GMT.


Voter Registration Deadline  10/14/22 
Early In-Person Voting  10/29/22 – 11/6/22 
Absentee Voting by Mail  Drop 9/23/22 
AB Request Deadline  10/28/22 online; 11/7/22 in person 
AB Deadline Return  11/8/22 8:00PM  
AB Deadline Return via USPS  11/15/22 w/ 11/8/22 postmark 

Garbarino B Roll 

  • Without action by Congress, 9/11 first responders will have their healthcare cut. Andrew Garbarino is fighting to honor our commitment to 9/11 first responders by making sure they have the resources they need for continued healthcare services. 
  • Andrew Garbarino led the fight in Congress to deliver real infrastructure resources to our Long Island communities, immediately helping fund projects that will improve Long Island’s infrastructure, including improving our roads, bridges, airports and drinking water. 
  • Andrew Garbarino has fought back against the defund the police movement in Congress. He has supported our law enforcement, including opposing Governor Kathy Hochul’s cashless bail policy that lets dangerous criminals back on our streets. 
  • Andrew Garbarino is one of the most bi-partisan Members of Congress, working with Democrats and Republicans to deliver results for Long Island.