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Yvette Herrell is fighting for New Mexico and delivering results. All New Mexicans can count on Yvette to fight for oil and gas jobs, lower the cost of living, secure our border, and to help make our communities safe.


Swing and Hispanic voters are seeing in the mailboxes that Yvette Herrell is fighting for New Mexico and delivering results. All New Mexicans can count on Yvette to fight for oil and gas jobs, lower the cost of living, secure our border, and to help make our communities safe.


Hispanic voters need to see on Spanish TV, Spanish radio, Spanish Cable, and Spanish digital that Gabe Vasquez is an extremist who not only supports defunding the police but also believes the US needs to “deconstruct law enforcement.” Gabe Vasquez is too dangerous for New Mexico.

PHOTO: Gabe Vasquez photo library

VIDEO: Gabe Vasquez footage #1

VIDEO: Gabe Vasquez footage #2

VIDEO: Gabe Vasquez open to defunding police


NEW (10.22.2022) VIDEO: Vasquez appears to call for giving a second chance to people involved in bad activities 

NEW (10.5.2022) ARTICLE: Democratic candidate running in toss-up race called to end oil and gas ‘immediately,’ said ‘shut it all down’

NEW (10.5.22) Anti-Energy Comments:  Gabe Vasquez hosted NM State Rep. Angelica Rubio on his podcast and he divulged some of his anti-energy stances. The full segment is available here.

  • (00:54) Vasquez agrees with New Mexico State Rep. Angelica Rubio as she claims that the oil and gas industry has been a big part of the reason why New Mexico has not been able to flourish.
  • (2:48Vasquez discusses moving away from oil and gas and says, “A lot of folks in the environmental community will say ‘shut it all down. Let’s just get rid of it immediately, let’s put in the infrastructure to get clean energy.’ And I agree with that. Because as a planet, we need to move in that direction.”
  • (4:10) Vasquez claims that the environmental community and legislators in DC forget about the people who work in roles that support the oil and gas industry.
  • (5:36Rep. Rubio: “It’s the same thing with the environmental community, where you have this ide—this narrative that we have to just end it all.” VASQUEZ: “Yeah.” RUBIO: “And it’s like well, sure, like I agree—” VASQUEZ: “We do have to end it all—”
  • (10:48Diversifying from oil and gas economy: Rubio talks about a mentor she had who asked her she was being so hard on the oil and gas industry given how much they’ve done for the state and she responded that she wasn’t as short-sighted as him. Rubio wondered why we aren’t also talking about diversifying our economy and Vasquez replied “and let’s actually do it.”
  • (13:04) Vasquez says “we need more people who challenge the system.”

New (10.5.22) Anti-Border Wall Comments:

  • AUDIO: Gabe Vasquez refers to the border wall as “a slap in the face” and agrees with his podcast guest who not only calls the wall “stupid” but also claims that we’re privileged to have  “such a spirited and passionate people that cross our border.”
  • AUDIO: Vasquez agrees with his podcast guest who is offended by the border wall. Vasquez then proceeds to criticize the wall as “not even close to being strategic” and further claims that the wall is “based on very medieval concepts of national security that… are based in racism and xenophobia and a lot of other things that are not productive.”
  • AUDIO: In conversation with Senator Martin Heinrich, Vasquez twice refers to the border wall as “crazy.”


VIDEO: Yvette Herrell B-Roll

Born and raised in New Mexico, Yvette Herrell started her path towards the American Dream like many of us – hard work, determination, and grit. As a proven job creator and entrepreneur, Yvette has started several small businesses throughout New Mexico.

With this business experience and her love of New Mexico, she ran for the State House of Representatives, representing Alamogordo. In her time serving the 51st District in Santa Fe, Yvette led the fight for less government overreach for small businesses, responsible spending, and protecting private property rights. It is here she found her passion for serving the state she loves and learned what it takes to deliver real results for her constituents.

In 2020, Yvette was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District. Continuing her work as a champion for hardworking New Mexicans, protecting our freedoms, and always putting New Mexico first.

NM-02 Oil and Gas Jobs, Immigration, and Crime Fact Sheet

NEW (10.20.2022) ARTICLE: Democrat candidate in key House race vowed ‘full support’ for cutting police budget in half 

NEW (10.14.2022) ARTICLE: Running as a moderate, New Mexico Democratic congressional candidate deletes progressive tweets

NEW (10.5.2022) ARTICLE: Democratic candidate running in toss-up race called to end oil and gas ‘immediately,’ said ‘shut it all down’

NEW 9.26.22 ARTICLE: Undercover Cop Hater: New Mexico Congressional Hopeful Uses Fake Name To Trash Cops, Deletes Evidence



KOB4: Inflation reaches 40-year high

“Reilly White, associate professor of finance at the University of New Mexico, said inflation has grown 9.1% over the past year – a steep increase that hasn’t been seen in decades.”

Fox News: Democratic Spending Bills Have Caused Inflation

“Inflation is costing the average household $500 a month.” (0:49-0:53)

“How did we get here? Many economists blame out-of-control government spending along the way.” (1:00-1:07)

CNBC: Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as consumer pressures intensify

“As I look at this report I don’t see any relief anywhere…I see rent going up, I didn’t see any relief in apparel.”

CNN: Jake Tapper calls out Biden Administration for misjudging inflation crisis

“The Biden Administration has misjudged how bad inflation was going to get for months and months and months.” (0:46-0:53)

Gas Prices

Associated Press: $2.5 billion surplus: Oil, gas revenues drive New Mexico’s projected budget windfall

“This latest revenue surge could prompt a feeding frenzy in a state with high Medicaid enrollment levels, roads and bridges in need of repair, and a public school system that for years has been among the worst-ranked in the nation.”

MSNBC: Everything is going up.

“It’s not just gas. Housing is up, the price of clothing is up, gasoline of course. But all of these things are creating a terrifying trifecta of inflation that’s hitting everybody. (0:29-0:41)

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Gas prices were on the rise before the Russia invaded Ukraine

“Biden has called it a Putin price hike, but most Americans aren’t buying it and the fact is prices were on the rise before Russia invaded Ukraine.” (0:01-0:10)

WTAE Action 4 News: Higher gas prices forcing many to make tough choices                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “High gas prices have us making some tough choices that we didn’t expect. We found out it’s a domino effect that’s even effecting businesses.” (0:38-0:48)

Border Crisis