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Jennifer-Ruth Green will work to define herself early as a candidate that can break through the partisan divide and be a different type of Congresswoman. This will be told not only through her unique background as an African-American/Asian-American veteran candidate that has been reaching out to Hoosiers through her non-profit work and she will focus on talking about the economic issues that are hurting Hoosiers.


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  • Jennifer-Ruth Green serves our community as the founder of a non-profit reaching at-risk youth to transform lives and inspiring careers in math, science and aviation.
  • Jennifer-Ruth Green wants to make the United States energy independent which will lower gas prices for Hoosier families.
  • Jennifer-Ruth Green is a political outsider and inspirational leader who will bring people together to create good jobs, improve schools, lower gas prices, and keep our communities safe.

A battle-proven leader, a trailblazer, and a selfless servant, Jennifer-Ruth Green’s continued experience of over twenty years of military service and her non-profit work throughout Northwest Indiana has prepared her to fight on behalf of the Region in Washington, D.C.

Born to Vivian and Paul R. Green Jr., Jennifer-Ruth “Romper” Green is the youngest of six children.  At eighteen years old, Jennifer-Ruth followed in her father and grandfather’s footsteps and joined the United States Air Force.

After graduating from the USAF Academy in 2005, Jennifer-Ruth began her Air Force career in aviation and then transitioned to serve as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. She deployed to Baghdad in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM where she served as a mission commander for counterintelligence activities. After her deployment, Jennifer-Ruth assumed the role of Deputy Chief for a nuclear command post.

After twelve years of full-time military service, Jennifer-Ruth transitioned to the US Air Force Reserve Component and chose to make Indiana home. She recently served as the Chief Information Officer/Commander of the 122d Communications Flight, and currently serves in the Indiana Air National Guard. She is the first African-American, or Asian, woman selected to serve in this position in the history of the Fighter Wing.

Locally, Jennifer-Ruth serves her community in Northwest Indiana as an educator, and is the founder of MissionAero Pipeline, a non-profit reaching at-risk youth that seeks to transform lives, inspire STEM careers, and set students, as young as 5th grade through college, on a path of learning in the aerospace industry.

Jennifer-Ruth has been a trailblazer throughout her career. While attending the USAF Academy, Jennifer-Ruth was inspired by Lt. Col. Lee Archer, USAF, an original Tuskegee Airmen, and earned her pilot’s license. Now as a civilian, Jennifer-Ruth is a Certified Flight Instructor, commercial pilot, and one of fewer than 150 African-American professional female pilots in the US.

Jennifer-Ruth earned a B.S. in Asian Area Studies from the United States Air Force Academy, an M.Min. from Golden State Baptist College, and a B.S. in Aeronautics from Liberty University. She is currently enrolled in Air War College, studying strategic leadership across military operations, in joint, interagency, & multinational environments. She is a graduate of Air Command & Staff College. Jennifer-Ruth lives in Crown Point, Indiana, and is a proud aunt to fifteen nieces and nephews.

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