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Zach Nunn will tell his story of rescuing thousands of Afghans after Biden’s failed withdrawal in Afghanistan and that he is a family man who is feeling the impact of inflation at the gas pumps like the rest of Iowans.


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Zach Nunn Launch Ad

Nunn for Congress

Will Fight For Us

Nunn for Congress


Axne for Congress

Donors Ahead Of Safety

Axne for Congress

Zach Nunn is combat aviator in the United States Air Force, Zach deployed three times to the Middle East after 9/11. Flying over 700 combat hours, Zach received numerous Defense decorations for saving U.S. Forces ambushed by Taliban insurgents. Zach served on the National Security Council where he fought to keep us safe from Chinese and Russian cyber criminals. In Congress, Zach will continue to fight for our safety by securing the border, standing up for law and order, and supporting our police.

Zach Nunn isn’t a typical politician, he is one of us. From a family of farmers, teachers, and nurses; Zach knows the meaning of hard work and Iowa common sense. He and his wife Kelly are lifelong Iowans from East Polk County raising six kids in a blended family. Zach and Kelly know what it’s like to make tough choices and stay on budget. In Congress, Zach will fight back against the reckless spending and soaring inflation that has driven up costs on Iowa families.

As State Senator, Zach Nunn delivered results for Iowans including the largest tax cuts in history, criminal justice reform, and efforts to fight human trafficking. In Congress, Zach will cut through the gridlock and work with Democrats and Republicans to get results.

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Axne Stock Act Articles

U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne failed to disclose up to $645k in stock trades, government watchdog says

Axne has been trading stocks in industries she oversees as a member of the Financial Services Committee.

Watchdog group says Iowa Rep. Axne stock trades violate ethics law

Axne was also a leading Democrat in opposing the changes to the Stock Act but then flip-flopped after being exposed.


Axne Inflation Articles

In June 2021 Axne said: “We’re not even remotely close to a point to say that we’re at rising inflation.”

In September, 2021, Axne downplayed the impact of inflation, and said its benefits “far outweigh” paying “a little bit more at the pump.”

At a July, 2021 town hall, Axne dismissed inflation concerns as stemming from “false advertisements.”

Vulnerable Rep. Axne latest Democrat to claim high gas prices, inflation not Biden’s fault

Axne Downplays Inflation Concerns at Ankeny Townhall

Axne on inflation surge: ‘I’m not worried that this is going to last forever’


Misc Axne Articles

US Rep. Cindy Axne accepts corporate PAC donations after previously rejecting them.

While talking about voters who oppose mask and vaccine mandates she said: “The Christian Right is, you know, everything under the guise while they hold the cross, you know, for God or whatever. And they use it like a weapon. And it’s painful to watch. Because they’ve weaponized religion, they have weaponized politics…”

Nunn pushes back on new Axne ad targeting his ‘no exceptions’ abortion stance


Inflation Articles

Why rural Americans feel inflation’s effects more than people in cities and suburbs

How Inflation Is Hurting Iowans

Iowa single parents struggle to cope with rising inflation

Inflation numbers continue to rise for the Midwest