Chris Pappas


Last updated October 20th, 2022 at 12:25pm GMT.


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Voters must learn that Chris Pappas is a partisan puppet who votes with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s agenda 100% of the time. Granite Staters can’t afford Pappas’ blind partisanship after his votes for reckless spending stoked the worst inflation in four decades and his anti-energy agenda sent energy and home heating costs surging.


Top Video:

  • NEW VIDEO: Pappas describes himself as progressive
  • NEW Headline: Pappas calls for gax tax
  • VIDEO: Pappas stated that “It’s a real honor to welcome President Biden” to New Hampshire.” (“President Biden speaks on Bipartisan Infrastructure Law from New Hampshire — 4/19/22,” CNBC, 4/19/22)
  • VIDEO: Pappas believes to fight corruption there must be a “bright line between members of Congress and lobbyists.” (Chris Pappas, For the People Act Town Hall in Manchester, NH, YouTube, 6/10/21)
  • VIDEO: Pappas floats support for raising the gas tax. (Rising, Chris Pappas Interview, TV, 5/1/19)
  • VIDEO: Pappas declared “when we take the White House in 2020, we are going to see a great progressive move forward.” (Chris Pappas, Remarks to Dover Democrats in Dover, NH, YouTube, 1/9/18)
  • VIDEO: VP Harris thanked Pappas and declared he has “been so wonderful.” (Vice President Kamala Harris, “Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Special,” Black News Channel, 4/23/2021)
  •  VIDEO: Pappas joined calls for a Green New Deal.” (Rep. Chris Pappas, “CNN New Day Weekend with Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul,” CNN, 2/23/19)
  • VIDEO: Pappas declared that a wall along the southern border doesn’t make any sense. (WMUR-TV, “CloseUp: Pappas favors ‘evidence-based’ border security, opposes wall.” YouTube, 02/03/19)
  • VIDEO: Pappas says the Inflation Reduction Act is “is a big deal”( YouTube)
  • VIDEO: Pappas praises provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act as “Helpful” (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: “The Inflation Reduction Act is a big deal for New Hampshire” (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: “Help is on the way thanks to the American Rescue Plan” (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: Biden Prais3es Pappas for passage of Infrastructure will at speech in Woodstock, NH (YouTube)
  • VIDEO: Pappas refuses to answer whether COVID spending contributed to inflation (YouTube)