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Voter Registration Deadline Same day voter registration
Early In-Person Voting October 29th – November 5th
Absentee Voting by Mail September 24th
AB Deadline Return November 8th

Maria Elvira Salazar will fight the career politicians that created this out of control inflation that is ruining our economy.

Born in Miami’s Little Havana to Cuban parents, who emigrated to the United States, fleeing Cuba due to the arrival of Fidel Castro to power. With only five dollars in their pockets, the pursuit for freedom and the American dream was instilled in María Elvira Salazar at an early age by her parents. While being raised in Miami and Puerto Rico, Salazar listened as her parents told stories of the oppressive communist regime from which they escaped. Becoming American citizens at the Freedom Tower, Salazar’s parents wanted a better life for their family; they wanted freedom.